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· Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Experienced

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About us


Brands&People is a brand-centric company focused on mobilizing commercial brands in Latin America. We steer, innovate, communicate, and maximize brands to accelerate growth. We’re a people-centric company, too. We believe that propelling the creative careers of our staff results in stronger brands for our clients. Our team is an eclectic mix of brand leaders, creative directors, designers, copywriters, media executives, and brand managers, headed by French strategist Emmanuel Moreau and Mexican designer Gerardo Ortiz.


About you

In this role, your primary focus is to facilitate. The question you ask yourself every morning is: How can I facilitate my teammates' work?

You are expected to facilitate work for everyone in your team, by managing the information flow 
and ensuring  healthy dynamics and daily communication between our teams and clients. 
You ensure project deadlines are accomplished on a daily basis. You work cross functionally with various teams, clients, suppliers and your Brand Manager. You are the go-to-person at all times when people have questions on information, deadlines, or who's doing what.

In most agencies this position is called Account Executive. We believe that is a cold name for your role and it reflects a work culture focused on transactions where a brand is treated as an account. We rather treat a brand as a brand. Our purpose in Brands&People is to help our clients on brand building, brand growth and brand transformation.

We trust you with these key responsibilities:

1. Facilitate work for your team on a daily basis.
2. Anticipate issues and be always one step ahead.
3. Be sharp and well aware on current projects' status.
4. Document agreements and issues addressed at every meeting.
5. Share simplified recaps with the team and client.
6. Share relevant details either to your Brand Manager or your client when requested.
7. Research and gather relevant information, sharing it in a timely and simple manner. 

8. Keep working files visible, up to date and within reach for everybody.
9. Ensure deadlines are followed and met.
10. Coordinate and assure timely execution of deliverables with all parties involved.
11. Follow tasks through completion, being the last and ultimate filter for details.
12. Keep an accurate control of worked hours, as evidence of the journey and the team's efforts.
13. Report your team's worked hours at the Energy Meeting every Friday in a complete, timely and conscious manner.
14. Integrate, simplify and report relevant information, as input for your Brand Manager, to create powerful presentations showing progress on projects.

Experience & Requirements

2+ years experience in Project or Account Management (Advertising).
Capable to understand and explain complex information in simple, clear terms.
Loves order and structure.
Strong verbal communication skills.
Good analytical and problem solving skills. Common sense.
Good interpersonal and customer care skills.
Good accurate records keeping.
Neat appearance and good sense of style.
Self Driven.

Critical Behaviors for Success


These are our beliefs — Autonomy, Ecosystem-Thinking, Impact, and Personal Transformation — and we trust them to shape up the way we do things. A person that thrives in our culture, understands and behaves under these 4 principles:


Autonomy —


You do what you love. You love what you do.

You find ways to make things happen while distributing activities, time and energy.

Credibility is earned through execution and getting things done.

You get into the details and deliver results.

You´re always ready to get hands-on all aspects of the daily needs.

Pragmatism and outcomes orientation are valued.

You start early and finish early with no pending issues.

You act like an adult at all times. No one will babysit you or your work

You channel high levels of energy to specific tasks and finish what you start. 


Ecosystem-thinking —


You love working with people.

You build trust across the organization by being a good listener and inclusively soliciting input.

Foster harmony and Good Vibes Only.

You´re an example of commitment, teamwork, and solidarity.

Manage your time and energy, in a way everyone's personal life is respected.

Earn your team's respect and your client’s trust. 

Make sure interactions within your team and the client are smooth, joyful, and drama-free.

Take time to interpret and share clients' requests in a simplified manner.

Don’t assume anything, ask again.

Make sure everybody’s on the same page and gets the intended message.

Clarify doubts and simplify things.

Be honest about your status and whether you’ll make it in time or not.

Always be clear and transparent along the journey.

Share lessons learned and victories won with everybody, every day.

Ask for feedback from clients and teammates and take them in a mature and constructive way.

You provide constructive, honest and respectful feedback on time.

You make sure no one's left behind and that everyone enjoys the journey.

You are observant, proactive and eager to learn

You respect everyone's role in the journey.

Observe, flow and leave art and creativity in expert hands. 


Personal Transformation —


You pledge to positively transform yourself.

You’re constantly searching for new abilities and knowledge to acquire.


You love challenging yourself.


Impact —


You understand data and feel comfortable working with.

You sustain your pitches on real information.

You’re able to clarify the outcomes that can be expected from your work.


Perks & Compensation


Choose your working hours (and be able to re-choose twice a year):

8:00 AM — 5:00 PM or

9:00 AM — 6:00 PM

10 vacation days after your 1st anniversary, 12 days on your 2nd anniversary and then 14 days from your 3rd anniversary henceforward.

Winter Break: last week of the year.

Spring Break: thursday and friday on holy week.

Friyay: shift ends 2 hours early last Friday of every month, yay!

8 hours per month to use on personal matters.

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    Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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