· Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

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About us


Brands&People is a brand-centric company focused on mobilizing commercial brands in Latin America. We steer, innovate, communicate, and maximize brands to accelerate growth. We’re a people-centric company, too. We believe that propelling the creative careers of our staff results in stronger brands for our clients. Our team is an eclectic mix of brand leaders, creative directors, designers, copywriters, media executives, and brand managers, headed by French strategist Emmanuel Moreau and Mexican designer Gerardo Ortiz.


About you


In this role, your primary focus is to create visual content for our Brands. Your question every morning should be: How can I create value through design and beauty?


You are expected to conceptualize, design, and deploy every design touchpoint for our Brands. You ensure every brand's visual ID is protected and depicted in every small detail. A Designer in our ecosystem is not limited to design. We believe that written expression, as well as creativity and visual appreciation, are human traits. You transform ideas into concepts taking advantage of all of these talents. With your accurate sense of design, your perception of color, balance, and hue, you design unique pieces for digital platforms, printed media, and global brand showcases.


Our Designers out-stand for their creation of extraordinary, original, and passionate content, no matter how small or big the task. You are guided in this quest by your Art Director and work cross-functionally with Creative Directors, Copywriters, Digital Planners, Community Managers, Brand Executives, Brand Manager, and/or Brand Leaders. People will seek out for you when they need a keen eye, a creative mind, and a doer that is capable of materializing their Brand's essence through design aesthetics. 


Design Principles

Our stand on design: We articulate design with two main ingredients: functionality and aesthetics. By mixing both in the precise concentrations, we respond to abstract needs with concrete solutions. Solutions that beyond useful, are beautiful. We design from the user's perspective. We always bare the big picture in mind and take care meticulously of every small detail. We design to provoke sensations, evoque emotions, clarify experiences, and favor in this way, the interaction at every touch point. We love our craft.

Designers at B&P

We're not looking for conventional designers and no designer in our ecosystem is common or alike. We will transform you, push your limits, and show you how to open your boundaries in order to take you to your fullest potential as a Designer. The expectations are high, but the results are as well. If you are daring and willing to pursue what's beyond conventional, you're who we're looking for.

We trust you with these key responsibilities:

  1. Receive, understand and decode briefs and project needs into graphic solutions.
  2. Go beyond requests. Inquire and dig deeper on the project's needs.
  3. Interpret and anticipate each brand's and client's need of visual expression.
  4. Assess for both online and offline graphic solutions.
  5. Proposal of concepts, ideas and visual creative expressions in accordance to briefs.
  6. Create, understand and execute graphic guidelines.
  7. Conceptualize, ideate and create unique design pieces for social media content, animated design pieces, editorial touch-points, outdoor media, brand events and activations.
  8. Document and prepare output design files for clients, media and providers.
  9. Assist in the conceptualization and planning of photo shoots: scouting, product samples, props, equipment (camera, lights, cycloramas).
  10. Color correction, photo editing and photomontage.

Experience & Requirements


Design portfolio.

Photoshop Domain.

After Effects, Motion Graphics, and animation skills.

Obsessive with grids.

Simplistic yet beauty pursuing.

Good sense of style, framing, visual composition, photography, light, and balance.

Capable to understand, capture, and express complex requests in esthetic, well-composed designs.

Good analytical and problem-solving skills. Common sense.

Organized, obsessive to details, decisive, and agile.

Fluent in English and understanding of creative communities.

Strong verbal communication skills.

Excellent interpersonal and networkings kills.

Excellent organization skills.


Critical Behaviors for Success


We have four goals and principles for everyone in our teams: Autonomy, Ecosystem-Thinking, Impact and Personal Transformation. A person that thrives in our culture, understands and behaves according to these 4 principles:



You do what you love. You love what you do.

You find ways to make things happen while distributing activities, time and energy.

Credibility is earned through execution and getting things done.

You get into the details and deliver results.

You're always ready to get hands-on all aspects of the daily needs. Pragmatism and outcomes orientation are valued.

You start early and finish early with no pending issues.

You channel high levels of energy to specific tasks and finish what you start.

You act like an adult at all times. No one will baby sit you or your work.



You love working with people. Foster harmony in the team and share Good Vibes Only.

You're an example of commitment, teamwork, and solidarity.

You manage your time and energy, in a way everyone's personal life is respected.

Don’t assume anything, ask again.

Clarify doubts and simplify things.

Be honest about your status and whether you’ll make it in time or not.

Always be clear and transparent along the journey.

Share lessons learned and victories won with everybody, everyday.

Ask for feedback from teammates and take them in a mature and constructive way.

You provide constructive, honest, and respectful feedback on time.

You are observant, proactive, and eager to learn.

You respect everyone's role in the journey.


Personal Transformation—

You pledge to positively transform yourself.

You’re constantly searching for new abilities to acquire.

You enjoy sharing knowledge with others.

You are curious and keep exploring new journeys to explore.

You love challenging yourself.



You believe your work can change the world.

You understand data and feel comfortable working with it.

You sustain your work on real information.

You’re able to clarify the outcomes that can be expected from your work.


Perks & Compensation


Choose your working hours:

8:00 AM — 5:00 PM or

9:00 AM — 6:00 PM

10 vacation days after your 1st anniversary, 12 days on your 2nd anniversary and then 14 days from your 3rd anniversary henceforward.

Winter Break: last week of the year.

Spring Break: thursday and friday on holy week.

Friyay: shift ends 2 hours early last Friday of every month, yay!

8 hours per month to use on personal matters.

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    Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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